DUALPATH leads to broken right tab

Ive got two locations on my pc for downloads. So I have a button opening 2 new tabs (for not "losing" my old tabs) and showing both tabs as dual.

Go T:\Downloads NEWTAB DUALPATH D:\Downloads NEWTAB

I guess that this might not be the right way to achieve what i want to have, however it leads to the following result (sometimes happens when pressing the button several times): the right lister shows "empty tab" instead of "downloads" and then "dies". The whole top bar with location and several buttons disappears. The only way to get back is actually closing the tab. It then seems like that this broken tab just overlayed what was behind it, and this hidden content then shows up again (i can also send a video in case its needed).

Even though i guess that its my fault, i also think that this might be an unwanted behaviour of the listers.

I can't reproduce this so far, but the command should just be this (no Set DUAL=On and only one NEWTAB):

Go "T:\Downloads" NEWTAB DUALPATH "D:\Downloads"
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Thanks that worked for me.
The behaviour occured mostly when i ran the button/code several times fast in a row.
In case you want to investigate further let me know if i can provide additional information.