Duplicate all folders & subfolders - folder names only, no contents

Please correct my question in this thread title so that I'm using the proper terminology
to ask for what I want to do --

I have a 2 TB archive/storage external drive containing about 20,000 folders of various topics.

I want to copy all folder names ONLY - NO contents - and recreate the nested folder structure,
into one "Top Level Reference" folder on my main machine.

I want to use this "Top Level Reference" folder that contains folder Names ONLY
to search these archives to locate any specific topic.

Is there a command(s) in dOpus to do that - or, somewhat off topic of the dOpus product,
a reference to a command line of Powershell sequence to accomplish this?
I'm still on Windows 7 Pro.
I just know there is, and I appreciate any help, Thanks.

This has been asked a few times now :slight_smile:


Thank you sir! I knew it had been addressed,
just didn't remember the proper way to search for it --
will have a study of those threads tonite - thx again ~