Duplicate Checker

Is there a DupChecker for DOpus8?
(mark files in source that exists in dest lists)

In the default menus:

Tools - Find Duplicate Files


The duplicate file finder utility Tanis mentions provides various options for comparing files... but there is a limitation in that you cannot specify 2 specific folders to 'compare'. If you do have 2 particular folders that you want to check to see if files of the 'same name' exist between them, you might also want to check out the Select SOURCETODEST command.

Thank U VEERY MUUCH, all is okey

I'm interested in a duplicate checker that can operate in flat view mode. Specifically, I have a folder where I place new mp3 files I get. Before I drag them to the appropriate subfolder, I'd like to know if it exists in any of the the subfolders (hence flat view). What's the best way to do this?

Hey there wysocki... it depends on what your folder structure is like but you should generally be able to use any method mentioned here in this thread. Give an example of where some files would be and why you think you need flat-view on the check for dupes the way you'd like to...

A nice way of doing would be like FlashFXP. Hit + and the program filters out the files that do not match in the source and target folders (matches only by name). Matching by name and filesize would be good too.

Something like this in DOpus listers would be a big improvement in my opinion. Bringing up a dialogue to compare folders is quite a chore for such a simple operation.

Create a selection filter using the "Compare" clause, and then assign it to a hotkey using the Select raw command.

Brilliant! Except, that I'm not.. Could you provide slightly more specific instructions for me? Not quite sure how to go about what you're suggesting. Sorry.

What he said! :smiley:

My folder structure is something like this:

-Music --Country --Classical --Jazz --Rock --Softrock -Newfiles
I have all my new songs in the Newfiles folder. Occaisionally, I want to move them to the appropriate category folder, but I don't know if a given filename is ALREADY in one of the genre folders. I could just show 1. The contents of the Newfiles folder, 2. The tree under Music, 3. The flat view of folders under Music and then visually scan for existing files. But I thought It'd be great to highlight the ones I already have somewhere in this tree so I don't duplicate or overwrite them.

The Select SOURCETODEST command still works between two flat-mode listers and is a good tool for this kind of task.

The only caveat, as far as I know, is that when the selected item exists in more than one place in the destination side only the first one will be selected. But in this situation it doesn't sound like that's a problem.