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Duplicate Context Menu items


I asked this question before but was told it required a separate thread.
For some reason.
Here is the problem again.

Step #1: I create a label for use in colour-coding folders.
That's all I do...
• Type the label name
• choose the Unselected text colour
• check the bold box
• click < Apply >

Step #2 : I check to see how that changed the Context Menu.

Result: It created a Context Menu entry in 2 places :

  1. An unwanted 'independent' item -- I do not want this to be created !!!!
  2. An entry in the existing Set List Colours "submenu" -- I do want this to happen ; and I want to similarly add many more to this "submenu".

How do I prevent the "unwanted 'independent' item" from being created while ensuring the new label gets added to Set List Colours, as it does above ?

If that's not clear, I promise to quit trying.

I answered this in your previous thread:

[quote]If you followed the suggestions above, you added the command Properties SETLABEL=!menu to your context menu. This command automatically generates a submenu containing all your labels.

But it sounds like you had already added individual label commands to your context menu. These will still be there, and you'll need to remove them one-by-one to get rid of them.[/quote]

You need to check your context menu settings for a previous Properties SETLABEL command you've added, and remove it.

Thanks for your reply, Jon.
Sadly, you answered the other thread after Leo said to create a new one (at least that's how I read it... that I was supposed to create another thread to continue.)

  1. Yes, I created the Set List Colours submenu in the Context Menu:

  1. Then, I assumed that the way to populated that empty submenu was to create items the way I indicated in the first screenshot above [ Settings > Preferences > Favorites and Recent > File and Folder Labels ].

Doing it that way seems to be the problem.

Do you mean that doing that "added individual label commands to the context menu"? Because, as I said, I did nothing else !

I did nothing more than what I said I did in step #1, first post in this thread. And the only addition I ever made to the context menu:
Settings > File Types > All files and Folders > Edit > Context Menu
is the Set List Colours submenu as shown in this post's image, above.

So, if I don't create the list of colours as per the first screenshot in this thread, where do I create it ???


What you've done in steps #1 and #2 above are fine, there's nothing wrong with those at all.

The erroneous items are coming from something you must have done before this. From the looks of it, it's probably coming from the All Folders filetype. If you look at the context menu tab for All Folders, what commands do you see listed?

Hey, King Jon

Thank you sincerely.
You zeroed in on it.
I must have created that many moons ago, at the dawn of my tinkering with this last year. I don't even remember doing it.
I would have bet your life that I didn't.
But, here it is...

So I deleted that entry and now it works as it should.

My apologies for being so tech-challenged.
But now that it works for me, it will be a real boon for organizing my digital collections.
Different text colours for the zillions of folders organized by series title : complete-finished, incomplete-finished, still being published, title cross-references, et al... colour-coding will show so much without even needing to look inside folders.

I'm now a happy camper.
Many thanks again for your ready help !
And legendary patience.

  • Destry goes skipping through the tulips *

Glad it's sorted :slight_smile: