Duplicate delete mode - prechecked

In "find duplicate file mode", if I choose delete mode, in the result screen I see many checkboxes.
And for every group, all except the topmost checkbox is already checked.

  1. So the default is "Every checkboxes are checked, except topmost chekcboxes".
    Can I change dopus settings so that the result is always "every checkboxes are unchecked"

  2. Can I uncheck all the itmes at once at any time ?

  3. Can I check all the items at once at any time ?

  4. Can I invert selected/non-selected at once at any time ?

  5. Suppose that I didn't choose delete mode. In the result screen, can I make them into delete mode ?
    (Not searching duplicate files again)

  6. Suppose that I choose delete mode. In the result screen, can I make them into non-'delete mode' ?
    (Not searching duplicate files again)

6 questions but they are all similar. Thank you.

1-4: You can use normal selection methods and the items at the bottom of the Edit > Select Other menu to transfer the selection state to the checkbox state, or vice versa.

5-6: If you weren't in delete mode, you can still click the Select button in the Duplicate Finder to select the same files that would be checked. You can also turn checkbox mode on or off (as you can in most situations, whether or not using the Duplicate Finder) if desired.