Duplicate File Collection contains too many files


The duplicate file finder does not behave like I expected it to.

Instead of getting a collection containing only files with duplicate names, the collection contains all of the files in the searched folders, grouped by name, so that the duplicates are together. I can pretty much replicate this functionality with a flat view of the folders. I had the clear previous searches checked, and also created a brand new collection, but the results were the same.

I did not see any options on either the duplicate file finder window or in the preferences that would change this behaviour.

Am I missing something, or is this how it should work? If so, it seems like a relatively useless feature.


I'm sorry but I don't really understand the difference between what you say you want:

Between what you say you're getting:

Opus groups the duplicates together by default, but you you can right-click the column header and turn off grouping if you want a flat list of all duplicates. But perhaps I've misunderstood what it is you're trying to achieve. Could you post some more details, maybe with a screenshot, to illustrate the problem?

The difference is that I expected to only see the names of files that were duplicates, while this display includes all of the files in the searched folders even when there were no duplicates. See image.

Only Round Midnight and 'S Wonderful are duplicates, yet many other files are displayed. This means that I have to scroll through hundreds of files that are of no interest to me to find those that are duplicated. I assumed that the duplicate search would eliminate this tedious process.


Can you show how you configured the duplicates search to obtain that result?

Sure - here's the find duplicate files panel that I used.

I got the same result when I searched on the parent directory M:/Music, but with a lot more files.

Ok it seems to be a bug that's triggered by you having M:\ as well as sub-folders of M:\ in the list of folders to search.

Because the search is recursive, adding M:\ to that list means that M:\Music\Favorites and M:\Music\Raw will be searched anyway, and the multiple searching of those caused by having them listed separately is triggering the bug. If you take M:\ out of the folder list you should find it works as expected.

That solved it, Jon. Thanks.

This is the first time that I have used this tool, and I did not recognize that I had that M:/ in the list.

It certainly is more useful when it works. :slight_smile:

Should I report this to GPSoft, or will they pick it up from this thread?