Duplicate File Entries in file list pane


I recently have periodically had duplicate file entries in the commander or explorer lister configurations.

By duplicates i mean the same file shown on two lines. If I change the name on one line the other automatically changes to match.

If I select a dual view, the 2nd view of the same directory does not show the duplicate file.

I'm using Dopus 11.17 /64 on windows 7. I haven't recently updated windows.

Any thoughts?


Please post a screenshot of the whole window, in case that reveals any clues.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for responding.

I think I have a hint as to what might be happening although I haven't had it happen yet today.

Looking at the screenshot I have the directory "Accounts Financial" listed 2 times under the Accounts (collection?).
Not sure how I did this. The users account structure is: Users\John\Accounts(old)\

Actually I would prefer to have the Accounts Financial & Accounts Utility & Accounts_closed directly under Accounts and not have the Accounts(old)(C:) showing. But I will have to play with that.

My guess is that once I eliminate the 2nd Accounts Financial the periodic duplicate occurrence will go away.


Right-click the Accounts library and you can choose which folders are in it via Properties.

Hi Leo,

I went to remove the uppermost "Accounts Financial" and found it wasn't in my users/john/ path. Also it did not appear in windows explorer (which I don't use anymore).

In addition, Dopus was not always responsive, After downloading (Chrome) a PDF file I normally use the "see in folder" option of Chrome. Several times Dopus would stay where it was and not display the downloaded file folder.

So I uninstalled Dopus and reinstalled. All seems fixed. Sorry I can't give you more info to understand what happened.


Why were you looking under users/john/?

You should right-click the library itself, "Accounts" in the tree, and choose Properties. You'd then see a list of the folders which are in that library.

One is probably there twice, possible via an alternative name for the same folder, which can happen after moving the Documents folder or by creating softlinks or similar between folders.