Duplicate File Finder

First and Foremost...Opus with this Duplicate File Finder is *** Kickin!! I have programs that are dedicated to doing just this, and don't even measure up this Opus.

I just have a few questions because I just lost hours worth of work...somehow the screen changed and I lost all my checkboxes! Soo...

Is there a way to Switch which checkbox is automatically checked? Or specify which checkbox gets checked?

My other question is...can I run the Duplicate File Finder with the Checkbox mode but not have any box checked, that way I could go through myself and check what I want.

Thanks for any help!


Also is there a way to bring back the work I did, I tried to load the Duplicate File Collection but none of my checkmarks are there.



If you uncheck the Delete mode option on the Duplicate Files control panel you will get a list of duplicates with no check boxes. You can then switch check box mode on and make your own selections.

I don't believe there is. The Duplicate File Collection is just a list of what files were identified as duplicates. There is no permanent record of what files were selected.

Regards, AB

For each group of duplicates, it always defaults to keeping the first file and checking the remaining files for deletion.

So you can change which file is kept by default by changing the sort order and then clicking the Select button (between the Find and Delete buttons of the duplicate finder).