Duplicate file multiple times with incremental numbers in name

Is there a relatively easy way I can set up a function to prompt me for a number (that part I think I know how to do), then duplicate a single selected file that number of times in the same folder, adding an incremental number to the filename of each duplicate? For example:

Duplicate “Image.png” as “Image_00001.png” to “Image_52713.png”

As in the example above, I’m looking to be able to create thousands of duplicates of a file at a time. The reason, in case anybody is wondering, is to facilitate creating single-image videos for audio files that are maybe 10 minutes to an hour or two long each. My video creator, Avidemux, has no built-in facility for duplicating an image to occupy a set length of time as video, but rather would require me to copy and paste the image many times over until enough video frames have been created to accommodate the full length of the audio. I’m figuring it would be easier to create mass duplicates of the image file, then drag them all to Avidemux’s window.

I’m aware I could cobble together batch DOS scripts to do this, but am hoping there is a feasible DOpus solution.

You could definitely do that using a script, but I'm sure there are better ways than having to create 50,000 copies of a file every time you make a video.

A lot of video editors/encoders support assigning still images for some or all of the video. Why use one that doesn't?

If the aim is to automate things, and you need a command line tool, it looks like ffmpeg can do this easily and for free (some answers in the linked page may be better than others, of course!):

(You could run the suggested command lines from there via an Opus button on the selected files or current folder, if you wanted to, of course.)

Thanks, I’ll take a look and give something a whirl.