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My DO version is Directory Opus Pro (5215) x64

I have a large QTY of movies (6.500) on a NAS and would like to find duplicate files without having to check file by file. I have noticed that some movies/files have been added with small differences and would like to ask if there is any way to check for duplicates where the 4/5/6 first letters are the same.

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If the file data is not identical, and the names also aren't the same, then there's nothing built into Opus which would consider those files the same as each other.

(Scripting could be used to do it in newer versions of Opus, but you'd need to write your own comparison logic.)

Hi, and thx for ur reply.

Typically the files names will be the same for the first 1 to 5 letters, and then differ, i.e «Titanic (2010) BR.avi / Titanic (2011) BD.mkv».

So you are not looking for duplicates, but for similarly named files?

Hi, and yes - for instance;

Titanic (2010) BR.avi
Titanic (2011) BD.mkv
Titanik (2010) BR.avi

You could run something like Video Duplicate Finder. In won't take too long to run through that collection and spit out anything that has similar looking thumbnails extracted. Then you just check them and select the ones to remove. There are other programs that can do this like Duplicate Cleaner 5 and Video Comparer. VDF is just free and very good at what it does.

If you maintained the same naming scheme straight through, you can copy all the file names to a txt document and use something like Notepad++ to strip everything after either the (year) or before that, then just duplicate check them at some place like here, then you know exactly what to look for. Takes more effort than the first way.

With a collection that large, perhaps consider loading movies into Radarr and shows into Sonarr. That will avoid duplicates and lets you manage your collections a lot easier.

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Hi, and thx for ur reply. I will try these :+1: