Duplicate files buttons not working

I'm seeing problems with duplicate files delete button not doing anything. I've turned off recycle bin, and deselected the option in opus prefs to use recylebin and still have same problem. BTW my select button also does nothing(I'm untick a number of files and hit select) I'm able to use ccleaner duplicate tool and Clonespy in same folder without any issues.

WIN 7 64bit latest opus version

Do both things happen in a small test folder, with just a couple of duplicates, created under your desktop folder?

yes. even tried running dopus under admin mode

Could you post a screenshot showing how everything looks with the small test folder, and duplicate finder open, showing a situation where clicking Select doesn't do what's expected?

Then we can try to reproduce the same thing, or maybe see what's wrong from the screenshot.

Ive unselected the found duplicate and then clicked select, btw del is also not working.

should also say ive reinstalled using the latest beta as well

anything more leo?

The "show results in" field is blank. What happens if you use the dropdown to reset it to Duplicate Files, then repeate the process?

duh.... thats it thx for the info

Thanks for checking & confirming. While it's easy to work around, it is still a bug so I'll see if we can get it fixed.