Duplicate Files - Delete Mode - Can't toggle checkboxes usin


Using delete mode of the duplicates finder, it automatically checks the checkbox for all but the 1st found copy of a file that has duplicates. Often times I find that I want just the opposite, that it keeps the 2nd copy, and delete the first.

I founc this statement in the manual:

The Synchronize, Duplicate File Finder and Viewer image tagging functions all make use of check-box mode.

However, it doesn't really act like checkbox mode because if it did, all I would have to do is simply select (highlight) all files and then hit the spacebar to toggle (invert) the checkboxes. But this doesn't work, hitting spacebar doesn't do anything.

If you know a way to easily invert which checkboxes are checked in the duplicate files lister, I would sure appreciate it if you'd tell me how you do it.

If you reverse the lister's sort order and run the dupe check again you'll have the other files selected.

Leo, could you add some detail to your solution, I don't follow. In the past I've foolishly copied particular files from a parent directory to subdirectories. The duplicate finder marks with checkboxes the files in the parent directory, leaving those in the subdirectories unchecked. It's the files in the subdirectories I want to delete. How do I do this?

Ah, found it. The lister you refer to is the duplicate files results lister. I was looking in to the duplicate files input lister. Stupid, I know. And reversing the overall sort order refers to swapping the current sort order.
Bet you love these self-answering support requests.

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