Duplicate Finder

Many years ive had this program and using it to find duplicate Pics is one of the main functions id like to use it for ,,,, yet every time i give this a go finds one or 2 but i know for fact there are many duplicates in my folders. doesnt matter weather i use file name or checksum or whatever ,,, its never worked. is there something obvious or am i safe to give up on the idea of using Dops for this purpose.

Please show us how you have the Duplicate Finder set up and the details (name, size, MD5 etc. columns) of some files you think it should find that it's overlooking.

Hi, I have in the past had a similar issue, and the problem could be that while the file looks the same to you, it might not look the same to your pc.
If you move/copy some pictures into the same directory, highlight them all and from the menu, pick Edit -> Calculate MD5 Checksums, you will see if the pictures truly are the same.
If those numbers are different across pictures you think looks the same, then there is something in them which makes them different, and DOpus won't detect them as duplicates.