Duplicate search question


I have just upgraded to DO Vers No 9 (German edition)...

I have a question regarding the duplicate search.

Once DO has finished and shows the duplicates in an extra window with the checkboxes (some of them are marked with a red colour cross) I was wondering in which way DO decides which of the duplicates to checkmark.

I e.g. would like that all pictures which are:

doubles (here e.g. by name and CRC AND are newer (by WinDate not by EXIF) should be checked. But this is not almost the case.

So is there a way for me to tell DO in some preferences that only newer duplicates should be checked (whatever way I am looking for) for deleting?

A second question:

Ones the search is done and I like to continue to delete pictures e.g. manually the next day, how can I achieve that DO shows the checkboxes and the checkmarks in my file collection? It does show the doubles and they are greyed out by group - but all the checkboxes are gone.

Hm, probably some strange question but I have been using a different program for years so far and I was wondering, now with the new version, if this kind of serach can be done with DO too.

Any help is very much apprichiated.


It's based on the sort-order of the file list. The first item in a set of duplicates is kept while the items after it are marked for deletion.

In Opus you can now change the sort order and then click the new Select button (next to the old Find and Delete buttons) to apply the selection logic to your new sort order. (In previous versions you had to change the sort order and then run the dupe-finder again. Now it's much better.)

So, in your example, sort by date so the file you want to keep is at the top of each duplicate group, then click Select.

View -> Check Box Mode will put you back in checkbox mode, although this is optional.

You can re-open the Duplicate Finder panel and use the new Select button to apply the selection again to your collection. Outside of checkbox mode it will select the files normaly, instead of checking them, which works fine for deletion (which is why I say changing to checkbox mode is optional).

You can also create a button which runs Select SELDUPES to avoid having to open the Duplicate Finder. It does the same thing. (The SELDUPES argument is undocumented. Jon mentioned it here.)

Thanks a lot for the info!

Now I have to wait for the German vers to come out.
Here we have only