Duplicate search, uncheckmark from special folder path


I am struggling again with someting...

I am doing a duplicate search. All works fine. Dups are being checkmarked.


I have a folder "OrgFiles" and a folder "Search". Sometimes I keep same files inside the "OrgFiles" folder structure for some reason. Since DO finds ALL duplicates, it also finds them in the "OrgFolder" structure. But I do not want to delete any files inside the "OrgFolder".

I am looking for a way (buttom) to uncheckmark all files in the "OrgFolder" or a given Path to a folder and keep the duplicates checkmarked inside the "SearchFolder".

I thought something like this:

Select "Org Folder*" TYPE=dirs

and then somehow to find a way to uncheckmark them manually

but it does not work.

Any help is very much apprichiated!!!