Duplicates inside zip files


Got something that is confusing me.

I'm trying to do some additions / replacements in a zip file in Dopus8 using the automatic handling native to Dopus.

Problem: When I copy in a new file, both the new and old version are preserved. I did selected "replace" when the option came up during the copying.

It appears the issue occurs in sub folders in the zip file, but not in the primary level, even the replace dialog is different. If it's in the main level Dopus does replace the existing file.

Extraction doesn't seem to be an issue for DOPUS because it overwrites them when extracted, but other zip programs (that this archive will also be used by) aren't so smart and ask for somebody to tell it what to do.

Is there a way to force overwritting of a file instead of appending into the archive?


1st zip file (orig)
2nd zip file with duplicates (copyin) (notice it's also ~8x the size of the original file - infact it's 5x the size of the items that were put into the Archive!
replace dialog (different than DOPUS std)
zipme_orig.zip (9.56 KB)
zipme_copyin.zip (74.5 KB)

Unfortunately it's a bug in the zip library we use (DynaZip). We have complained to them about it but they assure us it's a valuable feature that thousands of people rely on :frowning:

It's been on the list for a while but I'll bump it to the top and have a look if there's any way we can work around it (note that it's only a problem when copying folders - if you go into the sub-folder and copy the files directly it won't happen.)

Thanks for the response.

Good to know:

That might end up being faster than extracting then recompressing everything.

I can see how maintaining versions could be considered a feature, but I don't think making a zip file multiple times larger than the files it contains is!