Duplicates Selection dialog: no focus on ok

The OK button in the Duplicates Selection dialog has focus when the dialog gets called via click on the Select button in the Find panel.

It does not have focus when called via the accelerator key (Alt-t). In that case, the only option to okay the dialog is to click OK.

Thanks! Fixed in the next beta.

In 13.0.48, this works as expected if the results are shown in the destination.

If they are shown in the source, the focus is on the source, and the only way to bring it back to the panel to use the accelerator key is to close and re-open the panel. After selecting files through the dialog, the panel needs to be closed again to bring the focus back to the file display and be able to e.g. delete files.

Deleted a few more dupes today and was very surprised to see everything working as planned, every time, every configuration :thinking:

I did factory reset the panel after my last post, but I don't think I had any special settings in place, except MD5 hash.

I'll report back when my confusion settles :wink:

When you saw that last problem, was the panel visible but couldn't be clicked on until closed & re-opened?

If so, I have an idea what might cause that, and we have a fix in the next beta if it's the same problem I'm thinking of. Either way, let us know if you see it again.

Yes. The buttons could be clicked, but clicking on the panel to give it focus didn't work. It worked after closing and reopening the panel.