Duplicates won't work

Been using DO for years, but in 12 simply can't get duplicates to work. Trying to compare files in a folder on internal HD (D) with files in a folder on external HD (Y). I can find the duplicates searching in "Find", but I must be doing something wrong in duplicate files. Found only one duplicate on Y drive when there are clearly 20 or more.

Please post some screenshots so we can see:

  • How the Duplicate Files panel is configured.
  • A couple of examples of folders where we can see duplicate files that aren't being detected, with the view mode set to Details so we can see the files names, sizes and dates.

You're matching Filename and Size:


But your files are not the same size. One is 13.1 MB and the other is 13.2 MB:


There's a Filename Only mode if you just want to look for files with the same name and not include sizes in the check.

That did it. Thanks.

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