Duration of validity of the DO 13 certificate

After the DO 13 Beta certificate expires, will I receive a new certificate?

Will the latest version of DO 13 beta have a permanent certificate for those who cannot afford DO 13 when it is released in its stable version?

When I installed DO 13 Beta, I didn't know there was an expiration date for the certificate, it wasn't mentioned, so it implied that DO 12 users would have access to DO 13 Beta without restrictions :slightly_smiling_face:

I'm sorry, but Directory Opus isn't state run. GPSoft does not exist without earnings.
I think all would agree that they are the opposite of 'greedy'.
The expiration of a beta version is understood by me at least.
I would suggest discussing any hardship case privately with GPSoft.
There are discounts on upgrades.

Edit: Corrected two typos.

As I understand it, the DO 13 beta certificate will only be extended to cover the beta time frame. Once DO13 goes live, the beta cert expires and will not be extended or renewed.

At that point, your choice is to stick with DO12 or upgrade at a discount. Depending on when you bought 12, you may be eligible for a free upgrade.

I think DO is worth the price charged, it's a very honest and incredible work. I just asked a specific question :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the update, it is not yet possible to check discounts as the discounts page refers to DO 12. But I hope to be eligible for a free upgrade or a considerable discount (I would pay the full price if I could, but where I live the currency is super devalued in relation to the Australian dollar), as I bought it 3 months before the DO 13 beta was announced.