DVD/CD unreadable after burning with NerOpus


I m new to DO and so far very satisfied. After some initial problems with setting it up correctly (changing Nero folder and Burner letter), I thought I got the NerOpus toolbar to work, but all the CDs/DVDs turn out to be unreadable. I m using Nero 6 all the time and it works fine. Burning by using the toolbar seems to work fine (I see the progress and get the completed sucessful message), but then, when I try to open the Disc, I get the error message "An Error occured when reading disc: Wrong Parameter (87)". I already wasted several discs trying to burn DVDs, CDs, and MP3 but it's the same everywhere. Just cannot find the problem.

Maybe somebody has an idea where the mistake could be?



Hi there SirBlueByte... this is one of those things that really should not be an 'Opus' issue per se'. All the NerOpus toolbar button is doing is calling Nero's command lined executable... nerocmd.exe. So the problem is either something with nerocmd, or with the arguments Opus is evaluating and passing to it...

I would break your problem down a little bit by inserting an echo statement (followed by a space) at the very beginning of the NerOpus toolbar button you're using to burn the disc... if you haven't taken out the pause command from the default button this should let you see exactly what is being sent to the nerocmd executable. If nothing looks obviously wrong (which it should not unless you've made some sort of typo while editing the button to fix up the drive letter) then I would try copying/pasting/executing the evaluated command through a batch file. If it doesn't work, then you're probably going to have to sort this out with the help of some nerocmd knowledgeable folks... For what it's worth I'm using the following 'updated' command in my toolbar with Nero just fine:

"C:\program files\ahead\nero\nerocmd.exe" --write --iso "{Rs|Enter CD volume label, 16 chars max.}" {allfilepath$} --recursive --drivename X --real --no_error_log --detect_non_empty_disc --underrun_prot

"C:\program files\ahead\nero\nerocmd.exe" --write --iso "{Rs|Enter DVD volume label, 16 chars max.}" {allfilepath$} --recursive --dvd --drivename X --real --no_error_log --detect_non_empty_disc --underrun_prot

Hopefully you can test with a CD-RW and stop making coasters?