DVD/CDRom not listed in File Tree


I am running XP64. The My Computer icon shows the presence of my DVD/CDROM (LG GGC-H20L with latest firmware) even when no disc is in the unit. Directory Opus does not list the DVD/CDRom drive at all with or without a disc inserted. I must use my computer to open an inserted disc to observe files present.

This seems very odd.


Turn on Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance: Empty disk drives.

It's possible that the drive does not properly report when media is inserted and ejected, so it may appear empty when it is not or vice versa. (Some drives still have that problem.) Making Opus show drives whether or not they are empty will work around that.

Thank you for the initial overview.

However, this system has run without problems through Opus 8 and Opus 9 without not seeing the DVD/CDROM. Furthermore, since Directory Opus works so intimately with MS Explorer it is not easily understood that "My Computer" shows the CDROM drive empty or filled while Opus 10 shows neither condition.

I hope this is something silly like simply busted hardware but I am able to access the device through MS tools, not my intention with my over 5 year commitment to Directory Opus.