Dynamic list to open specific folders in dual lister


The situation:
I have 2 folder structures which are tied together by the name at the end:

Structure 1:

Structure 2:

What I'd like to achieve:
Button/List which is generated 'on the fly' to list all names (ralph, susie, bob, karl) and if I click on an entry, it opens the structure 1 folder in one lister, structure 2 in the other (dual lister)
As the list of folders constantly increases I'd like to also have a submenu with letters to group them (e.g. List -> A -> all 'A' items).

First attempt:
My first solution was to create a tab group for each name and then use TABGROUPLIST to have them displayed in a menu. This has worked well but as the number of folders increased it makes it hard to find the names in the list.

Is something like this achievable within Dopus?
If not, would it be possible to solve this issue with a custom script? If yes, I'd need a starting point.

Thanks a lot

This will give you a list of the cat-* names:

Go "C:\private\Alpha" FOLDERCONTENT=button,norecurse

There isn't a way to remove the cat- prefix from the automatically generated menu.

Converting cat-* to dog-* and changing the parent path, then going to that location in the dual file display is possible but would need some scripting. (If the folder names were the same, it'd be a lot easier.) I might be able to help later when I'm less busy.

Hi Leo

I thought this wouldn't be easy - thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: