Easier way to do a folder or file filter


The folder and file filter dialogue that you can put on the tool bar is great. However, after using a usenet program called Newsleecher.... i much prefer the way it sorts things. It sorts as you type.. and if you wanted to search for .jpg u just put in .jpg and it will keep only those items in view. or if you wanted to search for "back" it would keep anything that had back in it, no matter where the name showed up in the filename.. beginning, middle or whatever. Then a simple double click that field would erase it, and reset the filter to show everything. Very easy and simple to use. no more having to figure out wildcards or regular expressions etc.

Anyway, just a thought.

I've got a button next to my filter box which I click to clear the filter and show all files:


If you want to search for text anywhere in the filename, without having to think about wildcards, just always put two *s around the search string:



I created a bar like this on the tab bar, I call it tab bar 2.

Download the attachment and do this:

  1. Click the tabbar2.dop file and it will pop up, close it.

  2. Open Dopus then click on settings and go down to toolbars and select Tabbar2

  3. If you don't want or need the whole tabbar you will need to drag the objects off in customize mode. There are two, one is the field and the icon next to it to clear the filter.
    Tabbar2.dop (2.91 KB)

A screenshot, click it for a clear picture:

Since this thread has come back, it's worth mentioning that Opus now has a "Partial" filter mode where you don't have to type the "..." around strings.

How do you use the "Partial" filter mode? I searched the help file for "partial" to no result.

See the filter field FAQ for info on setting it temporarily or permanently.

(The new all singing, all dancing filter field was added after the 8.0 manual was written so it's only not mentioned in the PDF manual but is in the 8.2 Update PDF file.)

Terrific. Thanks.