Easy access to lister layouts in folders

I have maybe two dozen standard lister layouts I use for backing up (syncing) specific files or directories to external disk drives. The dropdown list from the taskbar, only lists a subset of these lister layouts, and doesn't provide the ability to scroll further down the list to get at the lister I need.

Under edit listers, you have the option to create folders for lister layouts, but these don't appear in the taskbar. So, I must call up D.O. (any lister will do) and go to Settings, Lister Layouts to have access to these folders. This is a workaround, but it would be nice to have the option to either pin a Folder to the Start Menu, scroll through more listers on the taskbar or access folders in the taskbar.

I suppose I could load up the Start Menu with the individual lister layouts, but the folder option would be cleaner.


Do you mean the jumplist, when you right-click the Opus icon on the main part of the taskbar?

Jumplists can only contain a limited number of items and can't have submenus, although you could have an item in them which then opens a pop-up menu of all your layouts (with submenus).

When there are no Opus windows open, you should find the full list of layouts in the desktop's right-click menu and also in the Opus tray icon's right-click menu, assuming they are turned on.

Ah, it's called a "jumplist". I learn something new every day...

The right-click on the desktop was a good tip. It works as you said. Given that I usually have several programs running simultaneously, getting to the desktop isn't the quickest way to the job done. The tray icon seems to be the most expeditious route. I had no idea that the tray icon behaved differently than the jumplist.

Just curious though, how do I setup a Jumplist item that opens a pop-up menu with all my layouts (with submenus)?

… and thanks for the speedy response. I'll say once again, I'm loving D.O. I found a two new setting just today that make my life easier. Here's hoping you'll be around a long-long time!

All the best


You would have to make a toolbar that includes what you want, then add a command to the jumplist which displays it as a pop-up menu.

(A script button could also create its own custom menu on the fly, as another way.)

More work than using the tray icon, if that already works for you.

You're probably right about it being too much work, but what the heck, I'm snowed in this afternoon and bored. I'll give it a try.

Thanks again

Have you considered floating a toolbar?

Still trying to figure out how to do that...