Easy way to copy original files not shortcuts?


I have a folder with loads of shortcuts that point to various files (around 50 pictures that I painstakingly picked out for printing from 1000's stored in various folders) on a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

It would appear Windows has no easy way for me to use the shortcuts to transfer the pictures themselves to a memory stick, unless I do it manually by "Open file location" and then "send to" each individual file to the USB stick.

It would be great if DOpus could easily copy the original files and not the shortcuts themselves simply by highlighting the shortcuts and selecting a built-in command that performs the task.

So I guess this post is really a feature request as the only other way seems to be the vb script mentioned here: Copy Windows Shortcut Target Contents - Possible?

and I couldn't see anything in the DOpus menu commands or options that would allow me to do this.