Edit files inside archive?

This has probably already been answered, but couldn't find an answer after a quick search. I double-click a .zip/rar file to view it as a normal folder, inside Dopus. I open a text file inside the archive, edit and save it. If I re-open it, the changes are gone. Is it possible to do this? In the Zip-file options, I have both 'Open as read only...' and 'Use temporary file...' unchecked.

No, you have to extract the file, edit it, then copy it back into the archive.

Thanks leo. I've noticed WinRAR and 7-Zip ask you if you want to update the file in the archive, if anything inside is modified. It's quite convenient and would be nice for dopus too.


yep, I'm modifying .xpi files (Firefox add-ons). Of course I have some special buttons for packing the archive again, but it would be really much more convenient when edit-on-the-fly (inside the archive) would be possible.

Many thanks and greetings