Edit grp:images

When I select 'grp:Images' in the filterbar, .mp4 files are also displayed. Is there a way to edit this?
Probably I am overlooking something when searching for 'filter' within Opus preferences.
Settings->File Types->File Type Groups->Images does not show .mp4


That's the right place to edit it.

Maybe posting some screenshots will let us see what's happening.

Sorry for the delay.

Up front - this is a bit of weird thing and most probably just a single issue.

I only noticed it just now... there are multiple .mp4 and images in the same folder.
Images are correctly filtered, but out of all .mp4 files each time only 1 is filtered
and it is always the same video, no matter in what way the folder is being sorted,

The counts are okay (movies 10, images 1)

One way or the other this specific .mp4 seems to be counted as 'twice' : after moving the file to another folder, the number of 'Movies' reduced by 2 (from 10->8), after restoring the mp4, it was back to 10 again.
I also copied another .mp4 (from the same source on Internet) to that folder and then number of 'Movies' increased by 1.

So it is only this single file that has been the cause of confusion on my part.

Therefore I would suggest not to pay attention to it any further.


Can you upload your /dopusdata/FileTypes/Groups/groups.oxr file?

Yes, but pls have .oxr added to the authorized extensions.

Zip it first.

here you are.

groups.zip (1.9 KB)

Installed 12.4 but guess this (small) issue hasn't been fixed yet?
Or is this a settings-matter?



Is there anything special about the two mp4 files which are visible?

There are 21 .mp4 files in the folder but only those two are visible with the grp:Images filter, which is odd.

Is it only happening if there is a space in the names? That's the only common thing between the two I can see, but maybe some of the hidden .mp4 files also have spaces, which would rule out tha as a possible clue/cause.

I am not sureL when I open the filter, without selecting a group, then number of images is correct.

The filter shows: Images (5), .png (5), there are indeed, 5 .png files.
Note: here the .mp4 files are -not- added to grp:images.

As for video - number of files is correct as well.
Movies (24), .mp4 (21), .wmv (3) and these files are indeed in the folder.

Once I select grp:images only, then the .mp4 are counted and displayed as images.

FWIW, I have made a screenshot of media data using 'Media Info' tool and displayed info side by side (see attachment)

SnagIt-17032017 065739.zip (92.8 KB)