Edit hotkey

I know about the F6 function which views the file but I have looked all over for a way to open a txt,ini,bat file in an editor. F6 loads the file for viewing is there a way to load a file in an editor, I can create a button for the editor but then have to load the file is there a switch which loads the file in the editor...

Not a switch, an external control code. Try adding {f} to your button command after the path to the editor. For example:

"C:\Windows\notepad.exe" {f}

Many Thanks for your wise words as this has resolved my dilemma does that external control code work with most Apps as that would be useful to know also what other external control codes are there!
Again many thanks for sharing your knowledge. :smiley:

You're welcome. That external control code along with the others will work with any application that supports command line parameters (arguments). And many do, my 4NT and batch files do, the Adobe Photoshop does, IrfanView does, Notepad, etc.

The complete list of external control codes can be found in section Sixteen of the DOpus pdf help file.

You might also want to look at the external control codes tutorial in the downloads/tutorials section of this site.