Editing backup configuration file

I have dopus installed on 2 desktops. i have dropbox installed on D:\Dropbox. My documents, music, pictures and other important folders are within the dropbox folder. I have extensively customized dopus on one desktop (d1).
Previously i had dropbox installed on D:\Dropbox in the other desktop (d2) too. I used to backup my config on 1 desktop (d1) and imported the config on the other (d2) and they would serve as mirrors.
Unfortunately, due to some problem in d2, i have dropbox installed on C:\Users\xxxxx\Dropbox. Now my question is whether it is possible to edit the config file where i can replace D:\Dropbox with C:\Users\agarw\Dropbox, so that i will not have to customize the d2 yet again

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The config files that contain filepaths are all text, so you can use a text editor to search and replace the two paths in all of them.

It's probably easier to do it after restoring the backup. Make sure to use File > Exit Directory Opus before making any changes. See the FAQ on locating and backing up the config for where the files are.

You can also edit the config backup as an alternative. The .ocb file is a zip archive so you can extract it, modify the files, then recompress it.

Even easier than that would be to use a folder alias or environment variable to refer to the dropbox path, so the same config works on both machines.

/dropbox is a standard alias in Opus :slight_smile:

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Could you please help me with this. I would do it on d1 and import the settings in d2

Anywhere where you have D:\Dropbox, replace it with /dropbox.

There are several folders in the config location. Could you please point me to the file I need to edit

That depends what you want to edit that contains the paths you want to change. Favorites? Toolbar buttons? Hotkeys? Layouts?

Most things can be edited in the program itself without editing the config files directly, which is probably easier if you only need to do it once rather than every time you export the config to the other machine. (Using the /dropbox alias should mean you only need to do it once.)

Or you could use a text editor that can do a find-in-files to find all the ones that have D:\Dropbox in them.

Thank you Leo and lxp, the suggestion worked. I restored the backup from d1 to d2. I exited directory opus and then used wordpad to replace D:\Dropbox to /Dropbox

I wouldn't recommend using Wordpad. It's a rich-text editor, not a plain-text editor. Notepad would be more suitable (but I wouldn't really recommend that either as it's so basic).

Notepad++ or Textpad or something similar are good third party text editors which can do multi-file search & replace.

Noted, thanks...