Editing files in SymLink folder does not refresh content

Had this issue with OP10, decided to buy 12, but issue persists. I have a SymLink set up redirecting my local D:\scans folder to a NAS drive C:\scans where my files are stored. If I view my local D:\ lister it shows \scans as "File Folder (SymLink)" type. If I open that local SymLink folder, I see the files from the NAS. However, if I delete/rename/etc files there, the lister does not refresh and I have to hit F5 to see the changes. Windows Explorer behaves properly and automatically refreshes the display.

Please generate the debug log as described in the post linked below, and let us know what it says, and what some of the filenames/paths being modified in the logs are:

First of all a bit of clarification: The "NAS" is actually a Win7 computer.
Secondly, problem is FIXED due to FAQ stating "If it's a network drive, make sure Preferences / File Operations / Options: Detect external file changes on network drives is turned on."
Opus is fantastic, but a very powerful complex animal that generates a lot of questions. Thanks for being patient, Leo, and taking such great care for your product!

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