Editing zip context menu items?

Is it possible to add commands to the zip right click context menu?

The zip integration in DOpus adds the "Extract to" and "Extract to " but I'd like to add a "Extract here" command that would just extract the zip into the directory where the file is. A lot of zip files have subdirectories, so if I use the "Extract to " option, I get an unnecessarily complicated directory tree, something like "E:\Download\zipfilename\Subfolder inside zip" while a simple "E:\Download\Subfolder inside zip" would be what I want.

Okay, so I can edit the ZIP filetype and add a context menu item called "Extract here." This works, but has two problems: it's not above the "Extract to" and "Extract to " options and does not have the zip icon either.

So I'd want to edit the zip integration context menus and add the "Extract here" option there so I could get both the icon and have the extraction options in the same bunch.

Unfortunately, you cannot define icons for items added to filetype context menus.

You can, however, fully control the order that Opus and other programs' items appear in context menus, although it is a bit of effort:


Thanks! It's a bit of a detour but does what I want. Not to mention cleans up all the crap from the context menus...

Hopefully the support for icons will be added in the future.