Ejecting/Mounting CD/DVD = ViewMode change


I'm constantly bugged with a problem with DO, every time I burned a CD/DVD using Nero and it ejects after erasing/writing one of the DO open windows swith View Mode at random....

Is this known ? Any workaround ?

I'm not sure I follow what you're saying but I also have noticed after burning a CD (or DVD) with Nero Express that when the disk is ejected by Nero, Opus often jumps right to the root of the current drive. Even if it wasn't looking at the CD drive before that.

In other words I agree there's something odd going on between Opus and Nero.

Exactly John,

sometimes it jump to the root, sometimes it randomly switches viewmode, and sometimes it even crashes completely.

Please !

I can fully understand that GP Software has no solution on how to fix this, but at least an explanation (or a known problem mentioning) could be done ? :frowning:

Hmmm... I know this has come up on the forums before. You can try searching around, though I don't think there was ever any resolution :frowning:.

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Not sure what explanation you could be expecting though, and if you want to see what GPSoft themselves have to say about it... submit an actual support case through their website.