Email from DOpus?


I've tried to send an email with DOpus, but it just says connection error or something. Using the Swedish translation (made by me :slight_smile:)

I have supplied the info for my mail account at my ISP but it wont take it... what am i doing wrong here?


It might be worth switching to the MAPI client mode which works better for some people.

Failing that, I'd double-check that the settings you've entered are identical to those in your email program.

In particular, you probably do not need to turn on authentication: Only a few ISPs use that for their outgoing mail servers. (Though it's possible your ISP does use it, in my experience most do not since they already know who you are from your IP address.)

Here are my settings in case they're useful:

(Of course, my mail server won't work for anyone who isn't on Pipex DSL.)