Emailing files from Opus

I use Pocomail 4 as my email client and I've got it in my Send to folder. I've got a context menu item in Opus with the command


so that I can email files from Opus using PocoMail. This works fine for a single file, but if I've selected, say, 3 files, it opens up three new messages; 2 of them have no attachments and the third has each of the files attached three times.

Is there any way to get Opus to email multiple files properly with PocoMail? Or should I be using another command to do this?

I don't know if it will make a difference but you shouldn't use both SENDMAIL (sends the selected files as attachments to the default mail program) and SENDTO (simulates the Windows Send To menu that you see when right-clicking a file) in the same command.

Try each of them on their own; maybe one will do what you want, although it depends in part on how PocoMail handles the two interfaces.

Also, if you have Opus set to use MAPI email in Preferences, then a simple Copy SENDMAIL should in theory use your default email client anyway.

That's sorted it (using SENDTO on its own); don't know where I got the idea of using them both - finger trouble, I suspect!

Thanks for your help.