Embedded commands with archive files in same file display

I guess I'm expecting out of scope behavior from embedded commands here, but...

Another thing found while responding to this thread...

Trying to create a Left double-click action that will open CBR or CBZ files as archives, but then automatically launch the images inside as a slideshow. So:

go newtab [ show slideshow ]
...works fine. But I have to use NEWTAB arg for the Go command to get it to work. If I remove it, the embedded commands are ignored after the unqualified Go command. Which I guess makes sense since you implemented embedded commands to ensure the commands were run against newly opened lister elements (tabs, listers, etc).

Could you consider allowing embedded commands for Go commands that don't open new file displays - like this? Or possibly an additional argument to force embedded command recognition? This would let us do a variety of custom actions when opening archives of different extensions. For instance, I'll probably use this myself for comic book archives, as well as bind an alternate hotkey action to open Opus Script Packages and auto-load any VBS or JS scripts in UltraEdit.

You don't need embedded commands for that.

Go {filepath} Show {filepath} SLIDESHOW

In fact, it's not even that complicated. This on its own works, at least in a button:


Hmmm... I had tried a bunch of similar things and couldn't get that to work, so went the embedded command route. I didn't even want SLIDESHOW in there but found it not to work with just 'show' command. That was probably the actual problem with not getting it to work as originally intended.

Anyhow, don't need the filepath stuff in there, works the same without it. But this works closer to what was intended:

go show {s}*
...needed something for the show command...


"Show" on its own needs a selected file to work on, else it's not going to do anything.

Yeah, needed something there. And we had post collision... was drafting my replies when you posted the {filepath}-less thing.