Emptying The temp folder after decompressing RAR Archives


If I click on a RAR archive inside Dopus and then click on the archive file content it decompressed it. During this decompression a temporary file is made in Windows Temp folder with the content of the decompressed file. After exiting the decompressed file or folder the temporary file inside the Temp folder is not deleted. I have a small hard disk and it almost explodes because of the temporary folder being larger and larger. Is it possible somehow to configure Directory Opus to delete the this temp content after closing the lister or the tab?

Thank you

The temp files are deleted after a few minutes (or when you fully exit Opus).

(Deleting them as soon as you left the folder would be bad since anything could have been launched when you double-clicked the file, and the file might still be in use. Deleting it after a few minutes is a compromise between always causing problems with some tools and using too much disk space for too long.)

If you want full control over when things are deleted, extract them to a folder rather than double-click files within the zip, or exit Opus when you want to force the clean-up to happen ahead of schedule.