Enable scroll-wheel during Find-As-You-Type results

When I use Find-As-You-Type in a folder with a lot of files matching the search words, I would like to be able to use my mouse's scroll-wheel to scroll up or down the Lister instead of having to use the up/down arrow keys. Here's what's happening:

  • I start typing opus to find all files with the letters opus in them

  • The Find-As-You-Type bar appears, and every file name with those letters are highlighted

  • If I try to use my mouse wheel to scroll up/down the Lister, the Find-As-You-Type bar disappears,
    and all of the highlighted letters are un-highlighted

How do I use the scroll wheel without deactivating the Find-As-You-Type bar and the highlighting?

It's not specifically using the mousewheel which closes the FAYT bar; it's not typing for x seconds, where x is defined under Preferences / File Displays / Find-As-You-Type.

You can increase the timeout to something really large if you want it to stay open until you click or push Esc, Return, etc.

I discovered something. I was using WizMouse, a mouse-enhancer that enables you to scroll windows that don't have focus. I killed the Wizmouse process, then tried again. The highlighted files now stay highlighted, and I can use the mouse wheel to scroll up/down the Lister's file name list without the Find-As-You-Type bar disappearing, and without the highlights disappearing.