Encrypt Plugin for Dopus?


knows somebody a plugin or extension which encrypt files/folder via context menü oder via buttons in Dopus?

I have often files on external drives which I have to encrypt for securety.

Thans for any hint.



Truecrpyt allows you to run it via the command line and supports lots of switches which you can plug into a dpous button or menu option. This is what i've done so I can control some aspects of Truecrypt without running the software, it's all controlled via dopus.

What kind of encryption do you want?

NTFS drives can have encryption, tied to your user account, which Opus can turn on and off. NTFS encryption is usually not useful if you want to be able to read the files on other computers/accounts using a password.

Opus also lets you create encrypted archives from files/folders.

Not sure what other kind of encryption you could do by right-clicking on files.

TrueCrypt is great, but if you're using that then you've got a whole partition (or virtual partition) that encrypts whatever you copy to it. You don't right-click a file and choose 'encrypt', you just save it on a drive that TrueCrypt is encrypting (e.g. copy it there using Opus).


I just like encrypt folder with passwords.. really simple. OK I can zip it with password, but I have to open/extract every time, may there exist e bit smarter way for locking folders for other users.

I think best way would be a external portable encrypter tool which I could also use than when I take the files via USB with me. So I only need the tool and my password and no dopus and zip tools.



Instead of an encrypted folder you could create a truecrypt container. You can then use dopus to mount this whenever you want to copy files into\out of it and then dismount it afterwards. Alternatively you can set truecrypt to automount it on windows startup and then always have it available.

Alternatively - if you don't have elaborate / true "encryption" needs - and really just want password protection... then you might consider just using Opus' built-in ZIP password support do the job.

You can then ALSO just use Opus from USB (if you don't have it already, or even "know", there is a portable USB option for Opus). At that point - you don't really need to worry about Opus + "zip tools" + "encryption tool"... Opus "is" the tool all on it's own, and if you REALLY needed to access the archive without Opus, at least it is in fact using standard zip password method that you "could" open up with some other zip tool if you really wanted or needed to.

Going this way... you're benefiting from being able to use Opus from USB on other PC's as well... and you can then browse into the password protected ZIP file as if it's a folder, and work with files in a normal way - just with passwd protection.

Anything other than that - and you're probably best off with real encryption app like these guys have mentioned (TrueCrypt, etc). Though there's also no reason NOT to use portable Opus from USB + something like TrueCrypt portable as well... why not... I only mention the built-in zip password support if you're not really that concerned about true "encryption" and really just want basic password protection. Either way - you'll need a "container" of some sort... there no such thing as a password protected "folder" that I know of that isn't otherwise accessed via a network/server.

Thank you all... I will try the way via password zip file. I think this will be the most open way to handle the files even without a special tool.