English dll


the following bug exist since Dopus use PortableApps :smiling_imp: . When I export Dopus to my USB-stick i choise only my standard language german and also chinese. When I start Dopus after each update, he not find the "english.dll" in the language folder and not start. I normally then use the trick that i copy the "german.dll" and rename it to "english.dll" :open_mouth: .


Opus should not require english.dll to run.

(Unless it's a beta version, possibly, since some of the new strings aren't always in the other languages and it may try to fall back on english.dll; even then, it'd usually result in a missing string at worst).

Which version do you see this with?

What's the actual error message that you see when you try to start it without english.dll?

(Rather than the trick, you can select English during the export, of course. But it should not be needed, at least not with current versions of Opus.)