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Enhanced Archive Support for 7-Zip


I'm new to Directory Opus, coming from a Total Commander perspective.

I would like to suggest the use of the 7-Zip Z-Standard in Directory Opus. This is a much improved archive utility with new formats. The repository for this is here:

There is also a website that details the performance gains:

I use this on my computer and use the LZMA2/Fast algorithm as it's way faster than the standard 7-zip LZMA2 in vanilla 7-zip with even faster extraction time.

So, all-in-all it would be a welcome addition to the Directory Opus tool-belt.

Best Regards,

The last time I looked at it, it couldn't be used at the same time as the normal/official 7-Zip library, from what I remember?

However, you can use it instead of the official one as this build also has the official algorithms.

There's also a possibility to add just the codecs to a vanilla 7-Zip, however, those won't be visible in the GUI of 7-Zip and require command-line invoking the codecs use. It also has some limitations, as described here:

I would use this instead of the mainline 7-Zip due to the added features and because it also supports the main/official 7-Zip codecs and it's updated frequently based on the mainline 7-Zip.