Enhanced lister style options


I'm new to these Forums. I recently downloaded the trial version of DOpus. I must say that I like the power of this product.

Depending on the lister style I am using (commander, explorer, etc.) I want to have my toolbars at different locations.

An example: In commander mode I have a drive bar between the two listers. In dual horizontal mode I would like to have the drive bar next to the tree. (End of example).

Currently I have to define a button which switches lister style and changes the positioning of the drive bar. I would like to be able to edit the toolbar placement as part of a lister style.

This could either be done by adding a toolbar placement dialog in lister styles or by allowing a command to be attached to lister styles. A command would be the more generalised solution, but care should be taken not to allow the change lister style command to be attached.


An addition to the former request. I think it should be possible to have different toolbar configurations per lister.

What I am trying to achieve is to have a specialized interface for the task I am performing. So if I am viewing pictures I want toolbars and buttons to manipulate the pictures. If I am managing downloads then I want to have toolbars with buttons to move files to the proper directory on disk, etc...

To switch quickly between different tasks a menu would work, but I prefer to use the lister style tabs. As an alternative to my first post in this thread, it would be nice if the lister style tab behaved similar as the menu containers, so that you can put your own items in the tabs.

Hmm... I was thinking about a related area of things just the other day and was typing up a topic to get others opinions but I guess I never hit submit...

Personally, I've stuck mainly with a single overall display/layout/toolbar arrangement because the various interfaces to configure the different UI appearance elements seem to overlap too much for my tastes.

I think Dopus users would benefit from some consolidation of the current Layouts/Styles/Folder Formats systems and other sundry config options to change the appearance of Listers... I know they are meant for somewhat different things, but the amount of overlap between the things some of these options allow you to control makes it difficult for me to remember where ppl might have most likely changed something when trying to give feedback on the forums...

Anyhow, what I'd really like to see someday is a UI configuration interface that combines the 'save current configuration-whatever it looks like now-and put it someplace in the registry' approach of both the Default Lister settings and Layout systems... with the 'pick from this list of configurable UI elements' approach of the Lister Styles system.

What would be sweet would be to have a button in such a consolidated 'UI appearance' interface that would not only 'apply the current settings' to a saved appearance (layout, lister style, whatever) but would then also dump out the series of internal commands that Dopus itself would execute to achieve the viualization. This would allow not only quick and dirty duplication and subsequent quick editing of small things via tweaking the commands (i.e. swapping in a different toolbar name like what's being sought after above, or just changing it's placement and orientation ) but this would also add another nice 'learn by observation' mechanism... which is how I think alot of people get their feet wet with Dopus.

I know there are already ways to do alot of what ppl want... and the requests above could be addressed with ~write a button that executes a series off Toolbar commands~ but like the others above I would 'like' to use Styles or Layouts... but Layouts opens the folders/tabs saved in the layout in either the current lister or a new lister when you apply the layout... and Styles doesn't preserve or control certain aspects of the UI that I' like it to... like folder tree width and other stuff.

So... I say consolidate and extend :slight_smile:!

You can do that using the Toolbar command's LOCAL argument so that the toolbar is only added to the current lister.


Toolbar NAME=Nudel-FilterBar STATE=right TOGGLE LOCAL

I use this to add a toolbar for doing image processing (rotate, save to different formats, set a background, and thumbnail sizing via a slider and some buttons to jump to a few preset sizes).

Well I'll be, you're absolutely right. I missed that one. Thanks a lot.

Steje, I know what you mean. Whilst the layout / style / format all are different they do share a single goal (the customization of the interface). The difference is mainly in scope (lister placement, internal lister layout , file info layout). Let's attempt to organize things a bit:

a) layout - global application layout, i.e. all matters external to listers:

  • opened listers
  • location and size of listers
    (- floating toolbars (currently missing?))
    b) style - all matters for internal lister organisation:
  • single / dual view
  • horizontal / vertical layout
  • tree, preview, contacts
    (- toolbar placement (currently missing))
    c) format - all matters related to file display:
  • view type (flat, details, etc.)
  • columns
  • filters

(I haven't used saved layouts yet, so correct me if I'm wrong).

It is not so far fetched to combine a layout change with a style and or format change. On the other hand, these matters are independent from each other so it might not be a good idea to throw it all under a single button.

Perhaps a layout save similar to import and export, where you can tag what to save and what not.