Enhancement request: F3 (Find) hotkey

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I have a small enhancement request.

There are lots of times when I go to rename a file and take a stab at the F2 key... only to hit or nick the edge of the F3 key by mistake, which opens the Find utility panel. No biggie, my goof, and nothing wrong with Opus that a little better aim wouldn't fix.

But now that the Find window is open, it's rather a pain to close since I have to take my hands off the keyboard and grab the mouse (AFAIK). It would be great if F3 was a toggle, so that when I screw up I can just whack F3 again to close the Find panel. I'm sure there is some way I could make a custom tweak to do this, but I was hoping it could be a made a built-in feature.

Thanks for listening!

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F3 doesn't open the Find Panel in the default configuration. (Ctrl+F does by default, and is a toggle. F3 focuses on the Windows Search field by default.)

If you edit you F3 hotkey (Settings > Customize > Keys) and change its command to Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle it should act as a toggle then.

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Thanks very much Leo! My configuration has been carried over from version to version since the very early v9.x days of 2007/2008, so I guess I've long since forgotten where that behavior came from. Actually, it's pretty amazing how well the Opus devs have been able to keep their user's favorite configs working for year after year, so many thanks to you and the other devs!