Entire directories of media files wiped out unrecoverable

I am entirely clueless as to what is going on. Speaking of specific directories, a couple weeks or so ago i had ALL my picture and video files wiped out. Today i had all of my music files wiped out.

I was using 12.23.x, and i honestly do not know which of the betas that was between 1 and 2 (definitely not 3). I in no way mean to say that DO did it. I think that in both cases i was transferring files. The first time from one internal drive to another, and the second time, earlier today, to my OnePlus 8 android phone. I would go to the main directory on my physical "D" drive, and it would be completely empty. In both cases it involved the "D" drive. In both cases i had reassigned my Music, my Pictures and my Videos to sub-directories on D. I know i had checked the corresponding directories within a short time of when i went back and they were empty.

I am only posting this in case anyone else reports weirdness like this going on; i extremely doubt DO has anything to do with it, but since it is one of the commonalities i thought it best to document.

I wish i had more technical data and knowledge to provide more information; i apologize for my shortcomings.

If you haven't already, check the same folder in File Explorer to see if it shows anything different.

Back in Opus, when in the folder, look at the status bar at the bottom of the window. If files exist but are being hidden from view, there should be a hidden count down there in red. If that's happening, it may mean the files are still there but are being filtered out.

Moving or copying? Copying, at least, should never delete anything.

Have you checked the default locations on the C:\ drive? Windows may have put the files there or moved them back to there, perhaps. (Opus would not have, but Windows may manage those folders automatically if it decides to. One reason I never use them and just make my own folders where I want them unconnected to the Windows ones. Also stops programs putting random stuff in the folders I use.)

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I think the first time was with a sync between 2 internal hard drives and the second was trying to copy files between the OnePlus 8 phone to a hard drive via USB.

Strangely, running Recuva, not a trace is found, even in "Deep Scan" mode, and running a DO search on My Computer for any .mps files, the only ones found related were from an old backup to my physical "E:" drive.

In both cases, something wiped these files out without leaving anything that Recuva could detect (and certainly there was nothing that the Recycle Bin had, as i forgot to mention that i think). Wondering what the heck could do this. I am running an "OK" anti virus (Windows Defender, yeah, i know, not the best, but still...) along with Malwarebytes Premium.

Nothing in Opus should be able to do that kind of thing, other than the secure delete option (but you'd have to go out of your way to make that happen, so it can't be that).

I don't know of anything outside of Opus that'd do it accidentally either, though, sorry. Other than malware / ransomware, at least, but those tend to tell you after they've done it.

On an HDD, that would be a good sign. On an SSD, that is rather normal, there is not much time left for data recovery, even if there are no write operations.

Has the available space on your drive noticeably increased? If not, maybe the files were just strangely moved or renamed or set to hidden. You could use a tool like Everything (www.voidtools.com) to quickly search an entire drive.

I used to do this, but gave up on it a long time ago for pretty much the same reasons Leo stated: too much risk and trouble for too little gain.

I avoid MTP and usually use FTP instead. Might be a bit slower but is much more reliable.

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C: is a 500GB SSD, D: and E: are both 1TB HDDs.

I am very confused as to what the heck has happened, seeing this is the second instance and separated by one or two weeks. For better or for worse, it has been media files apparently targeted. I suspect the next intelligent thing for me to do is to install a high quality anti-virus, but i would really like to find something that warns of (and halts) any mass deletions - any suggestions?

...and if it is time i take this discussion to some antivirus site, i well understand; i don't think DO has an active roll in this at all-