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EPS viewer plugin?

Is anybody working on a plugin to allow EPS files to be viewed in the Viewer and thumbnails view?

Maybe using Ghostscript as a helper application?

If not, could I request one? :wink:

Count me in... Wish for a EPS viewer too. EPS files usually have an lowres embedded preview image. Should be fast and quite simple to extract. I just want to see what the file contains, no need for full screen antialiased rendering of the contents. Unfortunately I no programmer.

Hi everyone haven't used Directory Opus since the Amiga, oh dear.

Anyhow fully agree with .eps files but I would also like .ai Adobe Illustrator.

Another vote for this plugin. It would be great to view .ai (illustrator) and .eps in thumbnail view.

Especially for big vector stock libraries. Right now I have to use Adobe Bridge which is a buggy POS. Many people are looking for Bridge alternatives for viewing their vector libraries in thumbnail view - if Opus can deliver a solution I think you will see a lot of new users buying Opus just for this feature alone.

i second that. eps preview using ghost script as a helper application.

i too would like to see .EPS and .AI support.... please please please ....

also .pdf thumbnails would be awesome....

You can already get PDF thumbnails, provided you have Adobe Reader installed, Shell Image Extraction enabled in Opus's thumbnail preferences, and are looking at PDF documents that were saved with thumbnails enabled.

not in 64 bit vista ...... unfortunately...... eh this is a long story .....

the problem is that adobe acrobat 9 is 32 bit compiled.... and explorer is 64 .... the .dll file that generates the preview in explorer is 32 bit and 64 bit applications can not load 32 bit .dll files .....

Windows vista has a 32 bit version of explorer installed and it is possible to run it in compatibility mode.
when you run the 32 bit explorer, adobe acrobat generates thumbnails no problem....

However .... Dopus probably looks for the 64 bit explorer and that is why it can't extract the thumbnails from the pdfs ....

It would be awesome if anybody could figure out a workaround but i guess i have to wait or a 64 bit version of acrobat ...

I just released a simple Viewer-Plugin for PS- and EPS-Files.
Please see this post.

Hello to you,
how to have DO show the EPS and AI thumbnails (same way as jpg) or is this still under development?


sorry, this is not planned.

[quote="mrwul"]Hello to you,
how to have DO show the EPS and AI thumbnails (same way as jpg) or is this still under development?

I put together a thumbnail plug-in for DOPus that will use our commercial PSD codec to generate thumbnails for EPS and AI files. ... -Opus.html

It will work on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

David Blake
Ardfry Imaging, LLC

Looks good! Thanks for making it and posting it.