ER: sample toolbar


a small enhancement request:
"go to my documents" in the sample toolbar will not work for most people:

why not use global variables like:



The first thing on the toolbar (clipped out of your screenshot on the left) is labelled A Sample Toolbar using direct paths.

I think the purpose of the toolbar is to give some simple example buttons that use direct paths, so people can see how to created/edit similar buttons without potentially being confused by env-vars or folder aliases which they may not understand. The toolbar isn't meant to provide you with buttons for going to My Documents etc. (that's provided the default menus anyway); it's there purely as an example to help people see how they can make their own buttons.

There are other sample toolbars which do things 'properly' (but are more complex), like the Office one.

Still, here is an alternative version of the Applications toolbar for anyone who wants it: (1016 Bytes)