Error accessing a nested network folder through favorites

whenever i access a nested folder on a network share (like SERVER:\folder1\folder2) through my favorites, an error appears. the dialog allows me to access the parent folder which works perfectly fine. after accessing the parent folder, this favorite works from then on.

so this problem appears only once per windows session, but since i do this on a daily base, it's pretty annoying.

anything you can do about this?

p.s.: same issue on windows xp and vista, latest version of directory opus

more details: the error appearing says...

"an error occured reading folder:
the system cannot find the path specified. (3)"

[retry] [parent] [abort]

clicking on parent and then accessing the desired folder works. and as i said: as soon as i did this, from then on the favorite works fine. only a 'first time access' issue.

If you're in a new session and try to run "dir" on the same path from a command prompt window (without first "cd"ing to the path, of course) do you see the same error message?

I'm not sure what's behind the problem, nor whether it's specific to Opus or something that affects the whole OS, but I guess you could work around it by making something access the root of the drive upon login.

the command line tells me: "the system cannot find the drive specified". so it looks like a darn windows problem... :frowning:

i wonder what may be the cause of this.

I think I've seen the same problem myself. Seems like accessing the root of the drive does something special which re-establishes the network connection to the other machine, and if that hasn't been done first then trying to access a path below the root directly fails.

It seems like Explorer handles this somehow as using it to access the path will wake up the connection. I'm not sure if Explorer is explicitly doing something or if it's just luck because of the way it does things anyway.

Have you tried accessing the folder via its UNC path? I'm not sure but I think that always works. Of course, you will then have problems if you intend to run any external commands on those paths if those commands don't understand UNC. (These days that's usually only a problem with DOS batch files.)

I tried searching on the problem but it's difficult to avoid generic search terms which get back thousands of useless results. :frowning: I found only a couple of threads with people talking about the problem and no real answers.

accessing the folder via its unc path leads to the exact same problem... so yeah, it seems like i have to live with this issue :frowning:

A bump on this since I still have this issue 6 years on from this post - what is ever solved?

Works fine if I map network drives but using network locations is so much...neater, I prefer that. But this path thing is wildly irritating!!

What happens if you try accessing via admin-shares (e.g. \PC\d$\folder\subfolder)? I also don't like mapped network drives and never had any problems accessing my network-devices that way (incl. subfolders).

Just tried it with "\pc\test1\test2" in favs, while "test1" is the shared folder - no problem.

Edit: Forgot to say that I've restarted both devices before accessing the share!

Actually, I have the issue not so much with favourites - just with network locations in general.

I'll navigate from the route down the tree into subfolders, then click back up the tree and it will tell me 'path not found'. If I start from the root again it's fine.

Well, should make no difference if from favs, pathbar or tree (working all here).

Maybe there's something wrong in you config, but that's not easy to find out. Could also be hardware-related - I had a customer who was able to access network drives from PC1 to PC2 w/o any problems, but remotedesktop only worked in one way from PC2 to PC1 - it was the router/switch (after each restart it works for a while).

No, not hardware and not config I would say - almost vanilla config, and other file browsers don't have this issue. It's an Opus issue.

Did you try the Command Prompt test near the top of the thread?

No, sorry, missed that - will try soon and report.