Error creating self-extracting zip

When I select files to be Archived (zip) to destination folder, I have no problems. When I check off Make EXE I receive an error. Please see below:

Is this a bug? I stayed with the default settings. I didn't make any modifications or customized DOpus 11 Beta 6.

Thank You.

Please try temporarily disabling your antivirus scanner to see if that makes a difference. We've seen AV scanners interfere with creating self-extracting archives in the past so it's worth testing that first.

Currently I do not have an antivirus installed. I just did a fresh reinstall of Windows 7 Ult SP1 [32-bit]. The only antivirus I have running is Windows Defender, which I did turn off. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next beta.