Error in Windows 10 Build 14376

No issued since disabling service--great work. Upvoted. Several entries at the Insider Hub now.

I'm hitting this error on build 14379, too. Can someone please post the URL to the item tracking this issue on the Feedback Hub so I can upvote it?

I see this happening on DO version 12 beta 8. I have upvoted and entered the following as a comment to another person's feedback on the Windows 10 Feedback app.

I also am a long time user of DO and am seeing this issue, firstly with build 14376, and now with build 14379. The Directory Opus developers have made this comment, "After much effort we've traced this to the Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service. This Windows service seems to provide Microsoft with some sort of diagnostic feedback or client tracking (we're not sure to be honest)." I have stopped, and disabled, that service as suggested by the DO developers

Responding to dwiz:
Enter 'Opus' in the field below the title "Feedback" in the Feedback Hub and click on the magnifying glass icon

I'm not getting any result when searching for "opus" in the feedback app.

It worked for me.

I'm getting a single result, unrelated to Directory Opus:

For some reason we don't get the same results.

Maybe language is an issue? There are at least 5 feedback items about it.

Yes: setting English as my default language allowed me to see additionnal results. The weird thing is that even with French as default language I'm seeing some English results, but not the one from DOpus.

Anyway, I upvoted as well: hope it will get fixed.

Upvoted here as well, and left "MSInternal" comment about how disabling "Connected User Experiences and Telemetry" resolves issue, using my internal MS ID, so hopefully will garner a bit more attention. I'm trying to figure out who precisely to contact internally (aka who "owns" Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service) as well. Will update if I can.

Happening in 14383 too!

@jwiede: Many thanks for raising it internally. Much appreciated on our end!

Confirming that issue is still present in build 14383, and that stopping/disabling Connected User Experiences and Telemetry service appears to fix the problem (only tested for a couple of hours yet, but no crash with Opus since stopping the service, nor other apps.) Necessary to stop/disable the service again as it is re-instated with the build update.

FYI - FWIW, last night I got an update to the Insider Preview - "Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14383]" and the DOpus problems/crashes seem to have stopped. Hopefully it will not reoccur. If it does I will post, here.

This is happening to me also, currently at build 14383. Directory Opus is one of the most frequent to crash, but today Bitdefender Total Security decided to get on my nerves (crash/hang of some kind) and in doing so it blocking internet access completely (although this might have nothing to do with Microsoft). Hilarious! :smiley:

Looks like I spoke too soon. It lasted almost 24-hours but it just crashed, again. Before it was crashed ever few hours.

I have also disabled Connected User Experiences and Telemetry. Lets see if it makes it >24-hours without crashing DOpus

Shutting down the tracking service in Build 14385 no longer causes Opus to crash immediately, which is a promising sign.

Have had the new build 14385 on for over 10 hours and have left the service on.
I found that Opus either crashed as soon as Opus started or after Opus had been left alone for a while.
It is looking good over 10 hours but last time I said that Opus crashed soon after.

Running 14385 several hours with service on--no crashes so far.