Error when invoking microsoft photos from right click

When I right click on a photo (jpg or whatever)

I get two error messages.
DOpus crash 1
DOpus crash 2

If I click open with

Photos does not appear on the first menu
It appears when Choose Default Program

I have found that if I restart Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator it works fine for the rest of the Windows Session.


Which version of Opus are you using? That looks like something that would happen with quite an old version but shouldn't happen with the current one.

Which version of Windows is it as well?

DOpus 11.19 x64
Windows: 10 pro build: 19044.2006

I have tried uninstalling DOpus but the problem persists

It should work with Opus 12. Opus 11 is too old to understand the newer type of context menus and Microsoft Store apps that Microsoft introduced in more recent versions of Windows.

It worked perfectly until I did a re-install about a month ago

OK - I downloaded a trial version of 12 and I get the same error.

Do you see the proper name for the Photos app in the menu, or is it showing the long string of random numbers like in your first screenshot?

Is the Photos app working in anything else?

As the problem persisted with a trial of DOpus 12 I did a reinstall of windows (keeping all files/folders/apps etc)
It fixed whatever the problem was.

Sadly the 'fix' was short lived.
I did a further clean install of Windows 10 Pro just in case but the problem persists.
I tried the trial of DOpus 12, it was the same.
The problem doesn't exist in WIndows explorer

Is Explorer actually showing the right names for the items, or is it showing different, shorter placeholders which are still wrong?

We had another thread recently where it was wrong in both programs, just harder to see in File Explorer because it was falling back on shorter names (which still made no sense and were incorrect, but didn’t stand out as much).

The underlying issue is that the Windows Photos app installation is corrupted in some way, preventing the translated menu item names from being looked up.

yes windows shows (I assume) the correct titles. DOpus has always shown the long script.

Which version of Opus 12 are you using?