Error while copying from phone (bad USB cable)

When I tried to copy from HDD to android phone I get this error:


what is the problem ?

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Errors come from Windows or the filesystem/drivers involved; Opus just reports them.

"Incorrect Function" is a general error which doesn't tell us much about what really went wrong, unfortunately.

Please see MTP and transferring files with Android and iOS phones, Cameras for suggestions.

I can not find something useful. The app can not display the reason of the error ? or no log file ?

I am using file transfer connected with usb cable because wifi transfer is very slow. The error appear while copying not in all files.

We can only display the error details Windows provides, which in this case are not very useful.

The FAQ I linked to has several suggestions.

Try a different cable and USB port before you do a deep dive into the OS.


yes that solve it the problem thanks